Eydhafushi's poor receive close to MVR 5,000 as zakat

B. Eydhafushi. (Photo/Eydhafushi Times)

B. Eydhafushi Council, on Monday, announced that 10 people had registered as poor in the island, all of whom have been distributed MVR 4,948 each as the annual Zakat al-Fitr.

The council said it received MVR 49,485 as zakat from 2,557 of its residents.

The council said it had finished distributing zakat to the island’s poor, and that each had received MVR 4,948.

Comparatively, the council had received MVR 58,460 as zakat from 2,769 residents last year. The number of people registered as poor then had been eight, and they had received MVR 7,307 as zakat.

Eydhafushi has a population of 3,339 people.

Addu City, which is the most densely populated residential city outside of the capital, received MVR 349,079.37 as zakat from 12,494 residents, while Fuvahmulah City received MVR 180,041.95.