Years of abuse revealed on social media lead to investigation

Photo shows a poster against domestic violence.

Tales of abuse shared on social media have led to an investigation by the Police in the Maldives.

On Thursday night, after a child published years of abuse witnessed by the father on social media, along with the father’s ID card photo, it generated a lot of attention from the public.

The stories and details shared by the child say that the family witnessed abuse from the father towards their mother and even their sister. The shocking message stated that the parents were now in the process of being divorced.

Previous complaints regarding the father had been withdrawn upon the promise of changed behavior, according to the message. It also stated that the parents lived in different houses. However, the message read that on Wednesday night, the father had broken into the home of the mother before forcefully taking her phone and pushing her on to the stairs.

“He threatened to kill the three of us (me, my sister and my mother)” read the post on social media which read that a solution where the father would not be jailed had been sought before. The post also read that the child has now had enough of the abuse and requested to find the father. It also read that the case has been submitted to the Police.

Police stated that the individual connected with the domestic violence case was apprehended by an on-duty officer shortly after the incident had occurred. The information has now been shared with the victims and the matter was now under investigation, read a message by the Police.