STO limits quantity of egg, onion and potato sales; slashes prices

A worker carries a sack of potatoes outside the local market in Male' City. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

State Trading Organization (STO) has controlled the quantity of eggs, onions and potatoes sold by the organization, and lowered their prices for the products.

The move comes after a rise in the prices for the products in market.

A STO spokesperson who spoke to Sun said the organization had imposed the measures on eggs, onions and potatoes sold at the STO Supermart on Saturday.

Customers can now purchase only a kilo of onions, a kilo of potatoes, and a tray of eggs at a time.

Customers are also required to produce their national ID cards.

While the quantity of the sale of the products is now limited, the prices have been reduced.

A kilo of onions and potatoes is available for MVR 12, while an egg is available for MVR 1.5.

In contrast, a kilo of onions in the local market has risen to MVR 25, a kilo of potatoes to MVR 30, and an egg to MVR 2.30.

STO said it imposed the measures to regulate the prices of the products in the market, and provided assurance the products will be available to customers without any shortage.