WAMCO requests to follow certain standards for waste collection

Inside the WAMCO inauguration of new waste collection vehicles on 13 February 2017 - Sun Photo: Mohamed Afrah

Waste Management Corporation (WAMCO) has requested people to not fill up garbage bags to avoid leakage and adhere to the Municipal Waste Management Plan formulated by HPA.

In a statement issued today, the Corporation stated that waste collection was necessary service and that the corporation would not change its services during this delicate situation.

The corporation requested households to adhere to the standards of the Municipal Waste Management Plan formulated by HPA including:

  • Double bagging when packing waste
  • Packing waste in a manner that does not lead to leakages.
  • Packing waste according to the capacity of bags.
  • If the household has a person placed under quarantine, to place waste bags outside the household so so that it can be collected.

The company also stated that it had the discretion to not collect waste from households that do not follow these standards.