Operations to Maavarulu airport once again postponed

Photo shows a Maldivian aircraft airborne. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

Flight operations to the airport developed in G.Dh. Maavarulu has once again been postponed.

The airport development project was finished on March 10 and flights were to be commenced on March 20. The flights were postponed to March 30 in light of the situation with Covid-19.

Transport Ministry stated that the operations to the airport will be postponed since the government had requested to reduce unnecessary travels. The flights were also postponed due to a lesser frequency of operations by Island Aviation.

Based on the circumstances, a date for flight operations will be announced within the next two weeks, read the statement by the Ministry.

The airport development project was commenced in June 2018.  The airport with a runway of 1.2 km was developed by MTCC. Test flights to the airport were conducted on March 11.