Government establishes flu clinic in Kulhudhuffushi

Photo shows a man and a child walking into the regional hospital in H.Dh Kulhudhuffushi. (Photo/Kulhudhuffushi Online)

The government has announced that it has opened a flu clinic in the city of Kulhudhuffushi, north of the capital.

In a news conference held today, government spokesperson Mabrouq Azeez said that the clinic was opened as part of the program by the government to open clinics across the country for citizens to gain access to emergency health care in case of symptoms of Covid-19 virus.

“The clinic will be open from 9:00 to 12:00, 13:00 to 16:00.” Said Mabrouq who added that the clinic was opened in a new building near the Kulhudhuffushi regional hospital.

The capital Male’ city currently has four flue clinics open due to the situation with the Covid-19 virus. They are the flu clinic in Senahiya, Travel clinic in Sinamale’, a flu clinic in Vilimale’, and a designated flu clinic for expatriates in Hulhumale’.

The Maldives has confirmed 13 foreign cases of the virus, out of which five have made full recoveries. However, the government is not stepping off on implementing stringent measures to ensure that the virus is contained.  Those developing symptoms of the virus are still advised to contact HPA via its hotline 1767.