Undocumented workers being provided financial support to return home

Undocumented expatriate workers at the Galolhu National Stadium for appointments for Economic Ministry's regularization program on October 19, 2019. (File Photo/Sun/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

The Economic Ministry, on Saturday, announced it has made the decision to financially assist undocumented workers identified under its regularization initiative who wish to return to their home countries.

Workers who lack valid travel documents or working visas will be issued travel documents with the assistance of the relevant high commission or embassy.

“The cost of returning home will be arranged by the Maldivian government,” said the Economic Ministry in its announcement.

Those who wish to receive travel documents have been instructed to send a text message with their name and passport number or identification number to 7205648.

The Economic Ministry has urged against gathering outside its headquarters.

“You just have to send a text message only. We will contact you,” it said.