Muizzu to MDP: My achievements as mayor will boost government credibility

PPM deputy leader, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu pictured during a rally by the Progressive Congress Coalition on December 6, 2019. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, the former Housing Minister who is opposition PPM’s deputy leader and its mayoral candidate for Male’ City, on Friday, said the development he promised to bring to the capital as its mayor would not be credited to him or his party, but to the government.

He made the remark at a PPM function on Friday night, in which he urged voters from MDP, the largest political party in Maldives, to judge on merit and not the party line when voting on a mayor.

“This time around, its far more important to choose a person who is capable of resolving the issues facing Male’ than thinking along the party line. The reality that MDP members need to ponder on is that the true credit for the development and prosperity which I will bring to Male’ when elected to this position will go more to the government than I myself or PPM,” said Muizzu.

He said that he was well aware that councils wouldn’t be able to operate without government support, and that he was willing to work alongside the government.

The government will not find me difficult to work with, he said.

Muizzu said that he had a plan to bring large-scale development to Male’, and if elected the mayor, would encourage teamwork and inclusivity.

Muizzu’s appeal to MDP voters came on the same night the ruling party launched Rahvehi Fathis – its campaign for the local council elections - in which MDP leader, former President Mohamed Nasheed likened PPM to vampires.

"What's the difference between given PPM a council and giving Dracula a blood bank? They will drink. They will suck the blood dry," said Nasheed.

He also singled out Muizzu for criticism, describing him as the reason for the major issues facing Male’.

“It was that ‘Pipe Muizzu’ who was behind the recent destruction of Male’. Are we to forget everything he did to Male’ while serving as a Cabinet minister? He wouldn’t dare to face Male’ residence if he had any shame at all,” said Nasheed.

MDP’s contender for Male’ mayor is its former Secretary-General Anas Abdul Sattar.

The vote is slated for April 4.