Minimum wage to be set in seven categories

Photo shows Velaanaage. The building where several government offices are located. (Sun File Photo)

The bill proposing a minimum wage in the Maldives will see figures for wage set categorically.

The first reading of the bill proposed by Kendhikulhudhoo MP Ahmed Easa was heard in the Parliament today.

The bill states the formation of a minimum wage advisory board to be formed within 30 days of the bill becoming a law. The board will be in charge of conducting surveys to find out the appropriate wages to be set. Advising the relevant Minister on seven areas for which minimum wage is to be set is also a responsibility of the board.

The categories for minimum wage are:

  • Fisheries and agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Medical services
  • Education
  • Small and medium-sized businesses

The bill states that the minimum wages for these categories are to be reviewed every two years and changes to be recommended by the board if necessary.

The board can, however, advise changing the set wages if in case of an economic situation.

The board is to be formed by 11 members.

They are:

  • Economic Minister's appointee as the chairman of the board.
  • Finance Minister’s appointee
  • Four members from the tourism, construction, women entrepreneurs, small and medium-size businesses, organizations representing these areas.
  • Five members from organizations representing employees.

The wages of the board members are to be decided by the president.

Upon the advice of the board, an order by the Minister to change the wage, it to be enforced within 30 days, according to the bill.

Factors such as family and necessities of employees, economic factors, the prosperity of the country are also to be taken into account when deciding upon a minimum wage.