Maldivian driving license yet to be permissible in Malaysia

A policeman directs traffic in Male' City. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Maldivian Ambassador to Malaysia, Visam Ali, on Wednesday, said that Maldivian driving license was yet to be permissible for transport in Malaysia.

Visam’s statement refutes social media posts by several Maldivian citizens in Malaysia who claimed the Maldivian Embassy in Malaysia had begun validating Maldivian driving license.

However, Visam said that while the Embassy was working on making Maldivian driving licenses valid in Malaysia, the Malaysian authorities were yet to issue its permission.

Maldivian driving license had previously been acceptable in Malaysia, but the permit had been withdrawn following a change in transport regulations by the Malaysian authorities in 2019.

Maldivian and Malaysian authorities had been engaged in discussions to make the license permissible once again since September 2019.

Driving in Malaysia currently requires either a Malaysian driving license or an International Driving Permit approved by Malaysian Road Transport Department.