Maldivian chefs to take part in the Culinary Olympics

A chef touches up on his exhibit at the Culinary Olympics 2016. (Photo/Communicaffe International)

Local non-profit, the Chefs Guild of Maldives (CGM) has announced the decision to take part in Internationale Kochkunst Ausstellung (IKA), better known as the Culinary Olympics, the world’s biggest culinary exhibition, in a first for Maldives.

The 25th Culinary Olympics is scheduled to be held in Stuttgart, Germany, from February 14-19.

According to CGM, two Maldivian chefs, Abdul Rasheed and Joodhee Khalid will take part in the exhibition.

The two chefs are taking part in the exhibition at their own expense, and will join the regional team from Sri Lanka, said CGM.

CGM has announced hopes of establishing a national team of culinary arts to represent the Maldives in time for the 2024 Culinary Olympics.

Culinary Olympics is held every four years. The 2020 Culinary Olympics will see over 2,000 chefs from across the world exhibit their culinary talents, and is expected to attract over 100,000 visitors from 70 countries.