''No suspected cases of Coronavirus so far in Maldives''

Masked pedestrians walk down a shopping street in downtown Wuhan, China, Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2020. The number of cases of a new coronavirus from Wuhan has risen over 400 in China and the death toll to 9, Chinese health authorities said Wednesday. (AP Photo/Dake Kang)

No suspicious cases of the Novel Coronavirus have so far been noticed in the Maldives, according to the Health Ministry.

There have been concerns that the Maldives might be affected by the outbreak that began in Wuhan, China since the country is visited by hundreds and thousands of Chinese tourists every year.

The Ministry stepped up precautionary measures and began screening arrivals in the international ports of entry into the country. Screening is conducted with the use of thermal cameras installed in international airports such as the Velana International Airport.

No suspected cases of the virus have so far been found in the Maldives.

The virus which emerged in China has infected people from Thailand, South Korea, and the US. Around 1300 have been affected by the virus in China alone and the death toll is reported to be 41.