Electoral districts for Addu city announced

Addu City council. The Elections Commission announced the names of the electoral districts in Addu city on January 5, 2020, for the Local Council Elections on April 4, 2020. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Elections Commission has announced the electoral districts for Addu city for the upcoming Local Council Elections in April.

Elections Commission opened to submit suggestions for the electoral districts on December 25, 2019. and was concluded on December 29.

The names of the districts are now in the dialect native to the region.

The districts of Addu city are now

  • Hithadhoo Moolekende Odassau district
  • Hithadhoo Korowau district
  • Hithadhoo Beyrumathi district
  • Hithadhoo Medhuwau district
  • Hithadhoo Maamendhoo district
  • Hithadhoo Rasgedharu district
  • Maradhoo district
  • Feydhoo Maguhdhoo district
  • Feydhoo Maadhela district
  • Hulhudhoo district
  • Meedhoo district

Ahmed Akram, Vice President of Elections Commission stated that the names were used traditionally in Addu city and this was noted by Mohamed Yasrif, Deputy Mayor of Addu city council. These names were used to promote the Addu dialect.

The elections on April 4, will elect 12 councilors for 12 districts in Addu city. The mayor will be elected by the whole of Addu city.