Motorcycle used by Magoodhoo councilor set on fire

Photo shows a motorcycle used by a councilor in F. Magoodhoo which was set on fire by vandals on January 3, 2020. (Photo/Abdulla Waheed)

A motorcycle used by the president of F. Magoodhoo Council Abdulla Waheed has been set on fire.

The incident which left the motorcycle burnt to a crisp was carried out sometime late last night according to Waheed.

“The motorcycle was fine around midnight last night. But it was burnt when I woke up for my trip to Male’ city in the morning,” said Waheed.

The motorcycle was owned by Waheed’s brother-in-law and was parked outside Waheed’s residence when it was set on fire.

“I was only using the motorcycle for now. The case has now been submitted to Police,” said Waheed who also stated that he had no idea why someone would do such a thing and stated that he had no one to suspect for the act of vandalism.

“I didn’t get a threat or anything. This is not a very political island,” said Waheed.

Waheed represents the governing MDP along with the two other remaining councilors of the island.