Concerns voiced over the ''Prefab'' jail in Kaashidhoo left to rust

The prefabricated jail in K. Kaashidhoo imported for MVR 16 million by former president Yameen's administration.

Concern has been expressed over a prison that can be assembled, left to rust in the woods of K. Kaasdhidhoo.

Former President Yameen’s administration imported the prefabricated prison or a “prefab” jail from China for MVR 16.6 million. Former Home Minister Umar Naseer posted on his Facebook that the jail was imported to house non violent offenders and resolve the issue of overcrowded prisons in the Maldives.

Containers were transported to Kaashidhoo, where the prison was to be constructed. However, three years later, the jail still remains unconstructed, and now in shambles.

When contacted by “Sun”, Kaashidhoo Council President Ali Sultan said that the containers housing the parts of the jail was located in the woods of Kaashidhoo. These containers had been broken into by some people who stole items. Parts left outside the containers were now damaged and some had started to rust as well, according to Sultan.

He also said that the area had been cleared when the containers were brought in at first, however, trees have once again begun to grow in the years that have since passed. There used to be Corrections Officers on duty to maintain security at the location, which was stopped altogether later on.

A corrections media official, when contacted by “Sun” said that the situation surrounding the prison would be assessed and media would be informed early next year on the matter.

Maldives Correctional Services recently informed to Police that it had no way of housing new inmates due to a lack of space.

The issue is to be addressed with a new prison to be built in Neykurendhoo. Former Home Minister Umar Naseer believes that the issue would be addressed with prefabricated jails and tagging of notorious criminals.