5 arrested in a drug-related operation in Kaashidhoo

Five men were arrested in a drug-related operation by Police carried out in K. Kaashidhoo on December 10, 2019. (Photo/PSM)

Five people have been arrested from K. Kaashidhoo in a drug-related operation by police last night.

Intelligence received by Police led the officers to search a house on the island under a court order around 22:17 last night. The search yielded 10 rubber packets containing drugs.

Among those arrested included two men aged 24 years, and three men aged 27, 31 and 42. The men were all locals according to police.

The case is being investigated by the Kaashidhoo Police station.

Records show that police received around 72 cases of drug-related offenses so far this month. The total number of cases for the year stands at 2050.