Nine charges against Cricket coach accused of child abuse

National cricket coach Asif Khan; The High Court has ordered the arrest of Asif Khan who has been accused of sexual crimes against multiple children and adults on November 7, 2019.

Nice charges have been brought against the former National Cricket Team Coach Asif Khan who is accused of sexually abusing his players, some underaged.

The Prosecutor General’s Office announced yesterday that nine charges were made against the coach and have now been submitted to the Criminal Court.

He was rearrested on November 7, after he initially walked free from jail the next day after his first arrest on October 6, when the police failed to present him in front of a judge within the mandatory 24 hours for his remand hearing.

Asif Khan, 46 – a South African citizen of Pakistani descent – was intercepted by the police and arrested from Velana International Airport on his way to board a plan out of Maldives on October 6.

The Criminal Court has also imposed a 30-day travel ban on Asif Khan to prevent him from leaving the Maldives.