7 opposition MPs expelled from Parliament

Photo shows a parliamentary session underway. (Photo/Parliament)

The protests by opposition MPs calling for former President Abdulla Yameen has resulted in the expulsion of seven MPs from the Parliament.

The Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed announced the names of the MPs for disobedience and disrupting the session by raising their voices and standing up.

The MPs expelled are Naifaru MP Ahmed Shiyam, Mahibadhoo MP Ahmed Thariq, Felidhoo MP Ibrahim Fazul Rasheed, Th. Guraidhoo MP Mohamed Ghassan Maumoon, Faresmaathodaa MP Hussain Mohamed Latheef, and Maavashu MP Mohamed Saeed.

The MPs were calling for the release of former President Abdulla Yameen who was jailed for five years for money laundering last Thursday. The sentence has led to opposition supporters protesting on the streets of Male’ city. Opposition MPs also vowed to protest inside the parliament until the former President was released and this was the second such day that the MPs were protesting.

During the voting time, opposition MPs stood in front of the administrative table with posters of President Yameen.

The first name to be announced was Naifaru MP Ahmed Shiyam. After the MPs were expelled, Speaker Nasheed requested the Sergeant-at-arms to “hold the knobs of the doors”. The vote was finally carried out without any of the expelled opposition MPs.