Parliament approves Mary, Ayya and Gais to Broadcom

Ali Yoosuf (Ayya), Mariyam Waheedha (Mary) and Ahmed Gais (From R-L). MDP PG group agreed to approve the candidates nominated by the President for the Broadcasting Commission on December 3, 2019.

The Parliament has approved the names of Mariyam Waheedha (Mary), Ali Yoosuf (Ayya) and Ahmed Gais to the Broadcasting Commission.

The party with the majority in the Parliament, MDP had decided to vote for the three names before the vote was carried out. They were all approved to the Commission with the majority of the votes in Parliament.

The President’s top pick for one of the three seats on the Commission Sangu TV presenter Shifla Ibrahim was rejected by MPs. The next name for the seat was Ahmed Gais, who is a well known MDP activist that gained the votes of 66 MPs.

After the names of Mary and Ayya got the required number of votes, no names were further put forward for a vote.