GoAir to once again commence flights to the Maldives

The first flight of GoAir at Velana International Airport as part of its operations to the Maldives. (Photo/MACL)

Indian budget airline GoAir is once again gearing up to commence flights to the Maldives.

GoAir conducted flights to the Maldives during last year’s tourist season and flights will be commenced starting from next month by GoAir once again to the Maldives. GoAir will carry out flights from New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore to the Maldives.

Five flights per week will be held between the Maldives and the above three cities by GoAir.

Tourism Minister Ali Waheed has confirmed that there were arrangements for flights to be carried out between the Maldives and these three cities were underway but stopped short of naming the airline.

India is an important tourist market for the Maldives with statistics for September showing nearly 115,000 visitors arriving in the Maldives from India.