Three pickups involved in accident in Hulhumale’

A previous accident involving a pickup that occurred on the Sinamale' bridge highway. (Photo/Police media)

Three pickups were involved in an accident in Hulhumale’ yesterday. 

Police stated that the accident happened due to a pickup driven at high speed colliding with a pickup that was waiting in traffic. The pickup that was waiting in traffic then collided with another pickup due to the sheer force of the original collision.

Other than the pickups, motorcycles parked nearby were damaged in the accident. Police stated that no one was injured in the accident including the drivers.

It was revealed that the drivers of the first pickup and the second pickup involved in the accident were Bangladeshi national who had their driving licenses withheld due to another incident. The driver of the third pickup was a local who had the driver's license, according to Police.

Police are now investigating the matter.