Minister: Expatriates employed in inhumane conditions at Fushidhigga

A. Dh Fushidhigga.

Tourism Minister Ali Waheed has said that expatriate workers were being employed in inhumane conditions on A.Dh. Fushidhigga, which was providing tourist services without a valid tourism lease agreement.

The Minister said that the Ministry teams that had visited the island had noticed that migrant workers were in charge of overseeing and maintaining the island at a press conference today. He also said that the two migrant workers in charge of the island were being treated very inhumanely and cruelly.

“We noticed that the two workers who were employed against the law on the island were also being treated very cruelly. Our teams noticed that there were no lighting systems on the island when they left the island last night,” said the Minister.

“But there was a generator on the island, it is used only to serve when guests visit the island. We noticed that the two workers slept in the dark with just lanterns for lighting. We see that this is an extremely demeaning and inhumane act,” he added.

The press conference by the Tourism Ministry. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The Minister also stated that the island was leased for a different purpose by another Ministry. The Ministry team had also noticed a safe on the island which contained tips and arrival fees by guests. There is also an ongoing ownership case in court regarding the same island.