Ali Waheed: Accused president of taking MVR 35M to find the real thieves

Former Tourism Minister Ali Waheed speaks to press upon return to Maldives on July 11, 2023. (Sun Photo/Mahil Athif)

Former Tourism Minister Ali Waheed has stated that he previously claimed President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih of being the beneficiary of MVR 35 million from the MMPRC graft in order to catch the real thief through ‘smokescreen’ strategy.

Speaking to the press near No. 1 Jetty on Tuesday afternoon upon his return to the Maldives after almost three years – Ali Waheed said he previously made the accusation to find those complicit within the government amid the political pressure he faced back then.

He detailed that he made the accusations as part of a smokescreen strategy, which he explained as a tactic used in war to mislead an enemy by pretending to be a friend to unmask them.

Ali Waheed, stating President Solih had received MVR 35 million, said he was an individual who was much wealthier and more well-off than that.

He also said the president and then leader of main ruling MDP, Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed would have been aware of the plan.

Ali Waheed further stated that he has now uncovered who had betrayed him within the government; information he would disclose when the time comes.

“I do not believe President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih nor [former] President Yameen had any part in framing me. But everyone else hailing as leaders of the political arena has a part in this. This all political,” he said.