Survey for Zoonotic diseases begins in R. Atoll

Survey for Zoonotic diseases by Fisheries Ministry. (Photo/Fisheries Ministry)

A survey for Zoonotic diseases or diseases passed onto humans by animals conducted by the Fisheries Ministry has begun in some islands of R. Atoll.

The survey for Animal Pest and Disease Surveillance by the Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture is carried out in R. Ungoofaaru, Hulhudhuffaaru, Maakurathu, and Dhuvaafaru. These islands have wide poultry farming businesses including goats and types of birds.

The survey will conclude on Friday and will inform the farmers of the most common diseases and inspect the farms for such diseases. Samples for Foot and Mouth Disease, a disease common with goats will also be taken and tested in the islands. The Ministry will also check on the biosecurity conditions and advise the farmers on the procedures.

The Ministry will also provide medical assistance for any sick animals and will conduct a census of the animals farmed on the four islands. The program is carried out every year targeted for random islands where poultry farming is common.