Minister Nahula criticizes poor performing employees in audio

Transport Minister Nahula speaking at news conference. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Aushan Ilyas)

An audio recording of Transport Minister Aishath Nahula where she is heard saying that a lot of the employees working at the Transport Ministry are working at a poor level has gone viral on social media.

The audio comes on the heels of a petition by some employees of the Transport Ministry to the President over fears that they might be dismissed was submitted. The petition signed by more than 40 employees was sent to the President on Sunday of last week.

The Transport Ministry had set out a statement reading that it had not threatened employees with dismissals and that it would not hesitate to take steps according to the law over poor work performances. 

The audio publicized by Sangu TV  last night was of a meeting between the Minister and employees of the Ministry. In the audio, Minister Nahula can be heard saying that the Ministry has a majority of employees with bad work performances than employees with good performances. The Minister can also be heard criticizing the employees as working at a low level and standard.

The Minister also warned that she would not hesitate to take action against the employees no matter how many there were and also said that "nothing would happen to me" in regards to the things said about her by employees "at coffee tables". 

The Minister can also be heard as saying that she did not take post because of any personal gains or benefits and that all she wants to do is to serve God and the people. The Minister is the spouse of the coalition government's Jumhooree Party leader Qasim Ibrahim.

"I have no problems with staying at home. I have kept my family at home with my mother to take up the post of Minister. I honestly wanted to serve Allah and the people, and if I cannot do this then there is no reason for me to stay here. Do not think that I am here because of MVR 60-70 thousand I receive. There is nothing that I don't have." the Minister is heard in the audio saying.

The Minister also advised employees to meet her if there are any issues in the Ministry and also warned that she would not hesitate to change any employees.

The petition by the Ministry employees sent to the President stated that their attendance was taken as the reason for their dismissal. The employees also stated that they were not given a warning in any manner regarding their dismissal. The Ministry has not stated anything regarding the audio of the Minister so far.