Immigration intercepts 3 foreigners with forged passports

Combined photos of foreigners intercepted by Maldives Immigration for attempting to enter Maldives illegally using counterfeit passports. (Photo/Maldives Immigration)

Maldives Immigration has intercepted three foreigners who attempted to enter Maldives using counterfeit passports.

The agency announced the interception via its official Twitter account on Sunday.

The three foreigners – whose nationalities have not been disclosed – were intercepted by border security officials at Velana International Airport.

There has recently been a spike in foreigners intercepted attempting to enter Maldives illegally under an assumed identity or using counterfeit travel documents.

At least a dozen such foreigners have been intercepted by border security officials so far this year.

Speaking in an earlier interview to Sun, Immigration spokesperson Hassan Khaleel said that most of the foreigners intercepted in such cases were from low-income countries.

He said that some of the foreigners intercepted by border security officials were found to have made such attempts to find work improve their living condition, escape from civil war in their home countries, or escape punishment for crimes.

Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail recently announced that the population of undocumented migrant workers in Maldives is estimated to be above 50,000. The Economic Ministry has launched a program to regularize undocumented workers.