Complaints against PS of Health Ministry lodged with CSC

Permanent Secretary of Health Ministry, Khadheeja Abdul Samad. (File Photo)

Two cases against the Permanent Secretary of Health Ministry, Khadheeja Abdul Samad have been lodged with the Civil Service Commission (CSC).

Sun has been informed the cases was submitted last Tuesday, and have now been registered at the CSC for investigation.

Khadheeja has been accused of exuding political influence by relocating and attempting to relocate several employees of Health Ministry and employees of institutions run under Health Ministry during the presidential campaign of 2018.

The second case against her is of negligence. She has been accused of failing to meet with 7,000 employees of Health Ministry since she was assigned PS of Healthy Ministry in 2016.

The negligence case against Khadheeja was submitted with evidence including memos and letters sent to her requesting meetings.

The complainants have asked the CSC to hold Khadheeja accountable for the issues by forwarding the cases to the Independents Institutions Committee of the Parliament if the commission lacks jurisdiction or is otherwise unable to investigate the cases.