Amendments to National University Act passed by parliament

Madaveli MP Hussain Firushan who proposed the amendments to the Act. (Photo/Parliament)

Amendments proposed for the Maldives National University Act has been passed by the parliament.

The amendments were passed as per the decision of the National Development and Heritage Committee of the Parliament.

The amendments that are to be brought to the act include permitting the Maldivian President to dismiss the Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor of the University at any point during their five-year term. The bill was passed with the support of 65 members with no members voting against the bill. The bill was proposed by Madaveli MP Hussain Firushan.

The main amendments proposed by MP Firushan:

1)    Changes to the rule that allows the president to appoint nine members of the university council’s 13 members.

2)    Transferring the powers of the president in the creation of the council to the council.

3)    Independence in forming the university council.

4)    Increasing the number of council members from 13 to 18.

5)    To uphold the balance, eight members from within the university and eight external members be appointed to the council.

6)    Upholding the balance of the university by ensuring that every section of the university is represented.

7)    Increasing the articles related to the nomination committee that recommends and handles external members and their appointments.

8)    The postponement of the date of submission for the university’s annual report.