Maumoon Hameed elected President, Muizzu elected Vice President of Bar Council

Combined file photos of (from L-R) Abdulla Muizzu and Maumoon Hameed.

Maumoon Hameed has been elected President, and former Attorney General Abdulla Muizzu as Vice President of the Bar Council.

Interim results announced by Elections Commission this Saturday evening place Maumoon Hameed at a clear lead over rival candidate Husnu Al Suood for the top post. Meanwhile, Muizzu won the race for the second top post over former Civil Court judge Mohamed Haleem by a landslide.

Elections Commission has announced interim results from two of the three ballot boxes kept for the election.

Maumoon Hameed won total 267 votes from the two ballot boxes, while Suood won total 196 votes.

Suood has issued a short statement via his official Twitter account conceding his defeat.

The interim results from the two ballot boxes show Muizzu won 407 votes to secure the Vice President position, with his rival Haleem winning just 54 votes.

The Bar Council’s Executive Committee is composed of: President, Vice President, Attorney General, and six additional members.

The six other members elected to ExCo:

  • Mohamed Faisal: 627 votes
  • Ahmed Muizzu: 445 votes
  • Aishath Shujoon Mohamed: 445 votes
  • Anas Abdul Sattar: 361 votes
  • Mohamed Aseel Hassan: 356 votes
  • Anara Naeem: 343 votes