Gender Ministry intervenes to assist 20 living in destitution in Male’ City

Minister of Gender, Family and Social Services, Shidhatha Shareef talks to an elderly beggar outside the local market in Male' City on February 1, 2019. (Photo/Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services)

The special intervention committee set up by Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services to assess the conditions of people living in destitution in Maldives has lent its assistance to 20 people.

Gender Ministry says it conducted its field assessment on February 1, in response to reports of dozens of panhandlers outside the local market in Male’ City.

Gender Minister, Shidhatha Shareef herself had joined ministry officials during the field assessments.

They had shared three main concerns with the officials; lack of employment opportunities, disabilities and lack of finance to seek medical attention, and lack of housing.

Gender Ministry, in statement this Sunday, noted that it was in its mandate to assure social protection for people with disabilities, children, the elderly, and others who require special care from the State.

It announced that a special intervention committee set up by the Gender Ministry has begun assessments to identify people who require special care and protection by the State.

It said the committee, in addition to conducting its assessments, will liaison with relevant institutions and centers to ensure they receive the care and protection they require.

The committee has so far identified and assisted 20 individuals in the following ways:

  • Identifying the individuals who are due allowances under the social protection system and facilitating allowances to them.
  • Assisting individuals who lack important documents such as the national identity card obtain the documents.
  • Connecting individuals who lack the financial means for medical care with relevant State institutions and centers which provide medical services.
  • Connecting three individuals seeking employment with employers and providing employment to a fourth individual, as well as carrying out negotiations with State and private companies to secure employment for other individuals.
  • Mediating with families of the individuals who homeless due to estrangement. The committee reports that two of the cases are alarming and being looked into further with assistance from relevant State agencies. The committee reports it is also assisting the individuals travel back to their families in the atolls.