Authorities dismantle shed used for drug abuse, prostitution in L. Fonadhoo

L. Fonadhoo Council dismantles a shed used as a hub for criminal activities in L. Fonadhoo on June 1, 2019. (Photo/Maldives Police Service)

L. Fonadhoo Council, in collaboration with Maldives Police Service, has dismantled a shed used as a hub for criminal activities such as drug abuse and prostitution on the island.

Maldives Police Service reports that the shed, located at the forest in Kurimagu district of Fonadhoo, was dismantled last Saturday, June 1.

The shed was built on State property without the necessary permits from Fonadhoo Council.

The decision to dismantled the shed was taken by Fonadhoo Council after both the council and Maldives Police Service received reports of criminal activities inside the shed including drug abuse and prostitution.

Maldives Police Service reports it maintained security at the area while council officials dismantled the shed.