Roofs damaged in Fonadhoo windstorm fixed with MNDF assistance

Windstorm damages properties in L. Fonadhoo on April 20, 2019. (Photo/Afrah)

Roofs of the six residential buildings which was damaged in the windstorm which hit L. Fonadhoo at dawn last Saturday has been repaired with assistance of the Maldivian army, reports National Disaster Management Center.

Speaking during a press briefing this Sunday morning regarding the current bad weather affecting Maldives, Deputy CEO of National Disaster Management Center, Umar Moosa Ikram reported that the center has completed assessing damages to the 12 residential properties affected by the windstorm in Fonadhoo.

He said that six of the 12 residential properties which suffered damages reported damage to the roofs, which has been repaired with assistance from the MNDF Central Command under the supervision of the Fonadhoo Council.

“Therefore, there are no families currently in need of alternative accommodation. We have worked on fixing the damages sustained yesterday,” said Umar.

The current bad weather also resulted in tidal swells in G. A. Vilingili on Saturday, resulting in damages to its harbor.