Free waste management in Dhevvadhoo during Ramadan

Members of G. A. Dhevvadhoo council. (Photo/Dhevvadhoo council)

G. A. Dhevvadhoo council has decided to provide their citizens with free waste management during the month of Ramadan.

President of Dhevvadhoo council Ahmed Najmeen informed Sun Online this Thursday that the council has decided to provide free waste management service to the citizens during the holy month of Ramadan.

Dhevvadhoo council manages the waste services in the island for a fee of MVR 200 per household.

Najmeen stated that in addition to free waste management the council will also be offering each household a dustbin.

He stated that the council will also grant each household with a case of canned tuna.

Najmeen also noted that this is the first time that the council is granting special allowances to the citizens for Ramadan.

Dhevvadhoo has a population of 1,318 residents.

Several island councils are providing locals with special Ramadan allowances and grants, such as providing free electricity and other grants.