PNC to increase number of deputy leaders to 4

Candidates competing for the positions of deputy leaders of PNC. (Photo/Sun/File)

People’s National Congress (PNC)'s council has made the decision to propose amending its bylaws to change the number of deputy leaders of the party from two to four.

The proposal will be presented at PNC's congress scheduled for this Friday.

The decision was announced by Interim Leader of PNC, Fonadhoo MP Abdul Raheem Abdulla (Adhurey) during a press conference held by the party last Thursday night.

Denying rumors PNC has already increased the number of its deputy leaders to four, Adhurey stated that “the change will be proposed to the congress tomorrow. Participants of the congress will decide whether they want to increase the number of deputy leaders to four or keep the number as it is.”

Adhurey stated that party regulations can only be changed by the congress of the party and council meetings cannot bring any changes.

“We have not brought any changes to the party bylaws. That’s a false rumor. We have decided to propose amendments to the bylaws,” said Adhurey.

Interim leader of PNC and MP of L. Fonadhoo in the outgoing parliament Abdul Raheem Abdulla speaking in the press conference held last Thursday night. (Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Five candidates compete for the position of PNC’s deputy leader:

  • MP elect of Maavashu constituency Mohamed Saeed
  • MP of Villimale’ constituency Ahmed Nihaan
  • MP of Baarashu constituency Ibrahim Sujau
  • Former ambassador to Lanka Mohamed Hussain Shareef
  • Former Tourism Minister Mohamed Nimaal

Interim leader of the party and MP of L. Fonadhoo in the outgoing parliament Abdul Raheem Abdulla is the only candidate competing for the position of the leader of the party.

A total of 31 members compete for the position of council members, from which 20 members will be elected.

PNC has previously stated that the council of the party should include at least five female members and five members under the age of 35.

The congress will start at 2:00 pm this Friday at Billabong International School.

The congress will be conducted by the head party of the opposition coalition, Progressive Party of Maldives PPM.