Muizzu: Sina-Male’ bridge has space for bicycles

Former Housing Minister and Deputy Leader of PPM Dr. Mohamed Muizzu in Sun Online's 50 Minute program. (Photo/Sun/Mohamed Muzayyin Nazim)

Former Housing Minister and current Deputy Leader of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) Dr. Mohamed Muizzu stated that the current walk lane in the Sina-Male Bridge has enough space for pedestrians and bicycles. He stated that the lane was made for both pedestrians and cyclists.

While the bridge was under construction, the former government stated that the bridge would have special lanes for pedestrians and cyclists.

However, the completed bridge has four lanes for vehicles and two small lanes like a pavement in the two sides of the bridge. This was the lane for pedestrians and questions regarding the lane for bicycles started to rise.

Speaking in Sun Online, 50 Minute program, Muizzu stated that “the two lanes at the two sides of the bridge separated by chain is the lane made for both pedestrians and bicycles."

Rebutting the talks about the bridge not being made to the size planned, Muizzu said that the design of the bridge was changed over different times and all the documents regarding the bridge would be available in Presidential Office.

“Changes were brought to the number and width of lanes over time and sizes of the lanes were changed with the availability of funds,” stated Muizzu.

He also stated that the bridge was made wider when the Chinese government gave their word to assist in the construction of the bridge.

“The planed size of the bridge was 20.3 meters, but the bridge has additional meter now,” said Muizzu.

Muizzu said that he believes that the reason why bicycles can’t travel on the bridge is because the construction of the lane is not finished in the Hulhule-Hulhumale’ ring road.

“The bridge was designed with the space for Bicycles in mind,” said Muizzu.

Muizzu said that “the lanes in both the sides of the bridge are for both pedestrians and bicycles. Bicycles can ride there easily. If I remember correctly, the lanes will have a width of 1.5 meters,”

While Muizzu has stated this, Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof met up with Transport Minister Aishath Nahula to discuss ways for pedestrians and bicycles to cross the bridge.

Mahloof said that he hopes to find a solution for this after taking the necessary safety measures.