EC: Official results of all constituencies will be announced today

Recounting of ballot boxes from two constituencies on April 9, 2019. (Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Elections Commission of Maldives has announced that they will be announcing the official results of the Parliamentary Elections for all of the Maldivian constituencies this Thursday.

According to Maldivian Constitution, official results of the elections have to be announced within the first seven days after the Parliamentary Elections has been held.

Member and spokesperson of EC, Ahmed Akram stated the officials results of all the constituencies will be announced this Thursday. However, he did not state a specific time.

In account with complaints received by the EC, they recounted ballot boxes of five constituencies – A. Dh. Maamingilli constituency, L. Maavashu constituency, R. Maduvvari constituency, L. Fonadhoo constituency and H. A. Baarah constituency.

Even though the recounting of vote boxes led to a difference in the number of ballots, the results of the constituencies remained constant.

The tentative results show that Maldives Democratic Party gained super majority with 65 seats secured.

The opposition parties - Progressive Party of Maldives secured 5 seats, People’s National Congress 3 seats and Maldives Development Alliance 2 seats.

Jumhoori Party, part of government coalition secured 5 seats while 7 independent members secured their seats in the 19th Parliament.

Even though all the parties registered in Maldives took part in Parliamentary Elections 2019, no party other than MDP, PPM, PNC, MDA and JP secured seats in the parliament.