Saeed confirms his win with 2 additional votes during recount

Mohamed Saeed (R) and Ibrahim Falah (C) shakes hands following the parliamentary debate for the Maavashu Constituency held by PSM ahead of the Parliamentary Elections 2019. (File Photo/PSM)

Interim Deputy Leader of People’s National Congress (PNC), Mohamed Saeed has confirmed his win as the MP-elect of Maavashu Constituency.

Elections Commission (EC) has recounted 69 more ballot boxes kept for the Maavashu Constituency, which determined two additional votes to Saeed and confirmed his win.

The commission had first recounted four of the ballot boxes following a complaint. The recount on the four ballot boxes was carried out on Tuesday and placed Saeed at the lead by a margin of five votes.

The commission had received an additional complaint on Wednesday, and ordered a recount of the remaining 69 ballot boxes kept for the Maavashu Constituency during the parliamentary election.

The recount was carried out last Wednesday night and increased Saeed’s lead to a margin of six votes with two additional votes awarded to him.

The recount on the 69 boxes, which began at 5 pm and ended at 2 am, was conducted in the presence of the two frontrunners – Saeed and MDP candidate Ibrahim Falah – as well as observers, monitors, and the press.

The changes to the results came from three ballot boxes; two ballot boxes kept at L. Maavashu and one ballot box (ballot box number one) kept at L. Hithadhoo.

The current Maavashu MP Azhan Fahmy, who ran for re-election on behalf of Jumhoory Party (JP), received one additional vote from the Maavashu-1 ballot box during recount after one ballot, which was originally ruled invalid, was ruled valid. The number of invalid votes from the ballot box is now 6.

Both Saeed and Falah were awarded two additional votes each during recount of Maavashu-2 ballot box. The number of invalid votes from the ballot now stands at 2.

Azhan lost one vote during recount on the ballot box kept at L. Hithadhoo when one of the votes awarded to him was ruled as invalid. The total invalid votes from the ballot box following recount is 6.

No discrepancies were found during recount on the remaining 66 boxes.


  • Mohamed Saeed (PNC): 855 votes
  • Ibrahim Falah (MDP): 849
  • Azhan Fahmy: 651
  • Invalid votes: 26

This is the second time for Falah to suffer defeat running for the Maavashu parliamentary seat.

The commission, on Wednesday, carried out recounts on ballot boxes at:

  • Maavashu Constituency
  • Baarah Constituency
  • Maamingili Constituency
  • Fonadhoo Constituency

The recounts did not produce any definitive changes to interim results.

EC will be announcing the final results of the parliamentary election results this Thursday.