PNC's Saeed secures Maavashu seat post-recount

Ahmed Saeed who won the parliament seat of Maavashu constituency and second closest candidate Ibrahim Falah. (Photo/File)

Former Economic Minister and People's National Congress (PNC) candidate Mohamed Saeed has secured Maavashu constituency seat for the 19th People's Majlis after a ballot recount.

A recount of the constituency's ballots from the General Elections held last Saturday, took place Tuesday night on account of complaints received by the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) candidate Ibrahim Falah, who came to a close second of PNC's Saeed with just six votes less.

The ballot of Maavashu constituency from boxes in L. Kunahandhoo, N. Kendhikulhudhoo, Male’ and Hulhumale’ were recounted Tuesday night in the presence of Saeed, Falah and the election monitors. The recount resulted in MDP's Falah getting an additional vote while Saeed's results remained firm, bringing the difference to five ballots.

Incumbent MP for Maavashu constituency, Ahmed Azhan Fahmy who got 650 votes on Saturday, won one additional vote after Tuesday night's recount. The outgoing MP from Jumhoory Party ended up third in the race.

Preliminary results of Saturday's polls show that ruling Maldivian Democratic Party acquired a super-majority of the 19th Majlis, with 65 seats. PNC won a total of three votes while PNC's partner Progressive Party of Maldives won five, Jumhoory Party won five and Maldives Development Alliance acquired two seats. Seven independent candidates also competed and won seats of the 19th Majlis which will swear in on 28th of May.