First-degree courses free at 2 unis; discounted at private colleges

Maldives National University graduation of 2018. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Maldivian administration has announced the decision to offer first-degree courses free of fee at two government universities; and cover a large percentage of the first-degree course fees offered at private colleges operating in Maldives.

Speaking during a press conference this Thursday, Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Ibrahim Hussain announced first-degree courses from Maldives National University and Islamic University of Maldives will now be available free of fee.

He also announced the decision of the administration to cover a large percentage of the first-degree course fees offered at private colleges.


  • 100 percent coverage on 62 courses
  • 80-99 percent coverage on 17 courses
  • 60-80 percent coverage on 32 courses
  • 40-60 percent coverage on 41 courses

Ibrahim announced that students who wish to apply for the government scheme at MNU and IUM need to submit an application, which is now available from the receptions of MNU and Maldives Polytechnic.

Only first-time degree students are eligible for the scheme.

“And they also need to be full-time students, and need to submit documents confirming placement at a first degree course,” said Hussain.

Minister of Higher Education said the delay in implementation of the scheme had been due to financial constraints, and said students who paid their course fees for first-degree programs this year will be reimbursed.