Suspension of foreign driving license in Malay affects Maldivians

A Malay highway. (File Photo/Malay Mail)

Maldivian driving licenses can no longer be used in Malaysia, with the decision to suspend use and conversion of driving licenses from all foreign countries by the Malaysian government.

Maldivian Embassy in Malaysia issued a statement this Tuesday announcing the Ministry of Transport of Malaysia was in the process of reviewing its regulations on the use of foreign driving licenses in Malaysia, and has enforced a temporary suspension on use and conversion of foreign driving licenses in Malaysia.

The Embassy has advised Maldivians who drive vehicles in the country using the document issued by the Embassy to stop its use.

However, Maldivians can continue to drive in Malaysia by obtaining a license via a driving school in Malaysia, or by obtaining an international driving license.

The Embassy stressed Maldives has not been singled out for the suspension, but that it is a uniform suspension on all foreign countries.

It noted the suspension posed a huge problem to the large population of Maldivians residing in Malaysia, and announced the Embassy was engaged in discussions with relevant Malay authorities to expedite a solution to the problem.