Home Minister: Road safety will be increased in Hulhumale'

Home Minister Azleen Ahmed at the Republic Day function on 11 November 2017. (Photo/President's Office)

Minister of Home Affairs, Azleen Ahmed, has said that further steps will be taken to ensure the safety of the public by improving road safety measures in Hulhumale'. 

Talking to Sun Media regarding the recent spike in traffic collisions in Hulhumale' City, Minister Azleen said that it is something the government is very concerned about and is working with the Maldives Police Service to strenthen the road safety measures. 

The Home Minister said that the efforts would begin this week and a the police does have a strong plan for it. And all the relevant institutes will be working together to make Hulhumale' a more safer place and the government aims make every island safe for everyone. 

While the Home Minister has made these remarks, Maldives Police Service is already policing the streets of Hulhumale' 24 hours a day. And so barricades and checkpoints are being setup every day at different areas. 

With a fatal traffic collision just last night, the number of traffic collisions have been on the rise in Hulhumale'.