Electronic tollgate to be installed on the bridge

Inside the construction of the China-Maldives Friendship Bridge - Photo: Twitter

Minister of Housing and Infrastructure, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has said that an electronic tollgate system would be installed on the China-Maldives Friendship Bridge set to open later this year. 

Talking on PSM's "Raajje Miadhu" TV program, Dr. Muizzu said that a small easy to pay toll is set to be collected from the vehicles using the bridge which would be used for the continual maintenance of the bridge. 

Dr. Muizzu said that the vehicles using the bridge would not have to slow since an electronic toll gate would be installed on the bridge. And it would be made sure that the automatic toll devices would be available at an affordable price. 

He said that the charges would be different for commercial vehicles and private vehicles such as bicycles. 

The Housing Minister said that the contractor of the bridge, China's CCC Company is working to complete the project two months ahead of schedule.