Anti-Defection Bill creates dissent within PPM

PPM parliamentary group meeting at Muliaage, Male' City on March 7, 2018. (Photo/Twitter/Ahmed Nihan Hussain Manik)

Lawmakers within the ruling party, Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) have expressed concern over the party’s Anti-Defection Bill – designed to disqualify lawmakers for floor crossing.

The first reading of the Anti-Defection Bill, submitted by leader of PPM’s parliamentary group, Vilimale’ MP Ahmed Nihan Hussain Manik, took place at the People’s Majlis this Wednesday.

PPM’s parliamentary group held a meeting at Muliaage this Wednesday. “Sun” has been informed through reliable sources some of the lawmakers openly protested against the Bill during the meeting.

A lawmaker who participated in the meeting reported to “Sun” the many of the lawmakers protested against multiple points in the Bill.

“Only about three lawmakers support the Bill in its entirety,” said the lawmaker.

The meeting was also attended by Attorney General Mohamed Anil.

The Anti-Defection Bill states three grounds for disqualification – the three grounds stated in the Supreme Court order in 2017.


  1. Floor crossing by leaving the political party after election
  2. Floor crossing by changing to another political party after election
  3. Dismissal from political party after election

Lawmakers will not be disqualified for violating a three-line whip or for disciplinary action taken by a political party.