Committee approves 3 ministers previously disapproved

Attorney General Usham (L), Islamic Affairs Minister Dr. Mohamed Shaeem (C), and Housing Minister Dr. Ali Haidar (R)--

Three of the ministers from President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's cabinet, who did not receive the approval during the MDP-led 19th parliamentary assembly has been given approval on Wednesday, at the now ongoing 20th assembly.

During the 19th assembly, which had an MDP majority, disapproved the Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed, Attorney General Ahmed Usham, and the Minister of Housing Dr. Ali Haidar.

Despite the parliament disapproval back then, the three ministers had still taken oath of office at the president's office. Their oath was recited by the Supreme Court Justice Husnu al-Suood.

After the newly elected MPs took oath on Tuesday last week, the issue of pending approval for the ministers was the first to be put on agenda on the second sitting of the current assembly.

At the PNC-led 20th assembly's second parliamentary sitting, the issue was forwarded to the committee for reviewal.

During Wednesday evening's committee meeting in attendance of nine out of its 11 members, eight members voted in favor of approving the ministers.

Shaheem was voted against receiving approval by 31 members, with 30 members in favor of him during the 19th assembly, while Usham's disapproval was passed with 44 votes with only 24 members voting in his favor.

Housing Minister Dr. Haidar's approval failed at the previous assembly since 46 members voted against him while 26 members voted in his favor.

With the exception of the three ministers, the rest were given approval at the previous assembly.