Extended orange alert revised to yellow alert

MET Office forecast rough seas from Haa Alif to Vaavu atolls; the Maldives is currently experiencing stormy weather conditions with heavy rain, strong winds and sea swells -- Sun Photo/ Fayaz Moosa

The orange alert extended by the Maldives Meteorological Center (MET Office) on Thursday, has been dropped to a yellow alert.

MET Office issued the orange alert for the regions between Haa Alifu and Vaavu atolls, effective on Thursday morning owing to worsening weather conditions.

The authority however, issued the yellow alert for the same region effective from 23:15hrs on Thursday evening to 15:15hrs on Friday afternoon.

MET Office forecasts heavy rain and strong winds between 28 to 35 miles per hour, with gusts picking up speed up to 55 miles per hours, and rough seas.

While the weather forecast authority has issued caution to public over worsening weather conditions currently, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has issued warning to the public as well.

Maldives Police Service had also requested to embark only on necessary trips these days.