No room for rifts between me and President: Adhurey

PNC Chairperson Abdulraheem Abdulla and President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu -- Photo/ President's Office

Fonadhoo MP-elect Abdulraheem Abdulla on Thursday said, that as the potential Speaker of the parliament, there will be no room for any tension between him and the President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.

The PNC Chairperson said this after President Muizzu nominated his name for the Speaker's seat of the 20th parliamentary assembly, during a meeting held recently at Muliaage in the presence of the top-brass of state-owned enterprises and PNC's parliamentary MP-elects.

While speaking in "Raajje Miadhu" of PSM News on Thursday evening, Abdulraheem said the results of the recent parliamentary election sufficiently proved the support for President Muizzu. He added that the public helped PNC land super-majority in the parliament on the basis of this support, and with the assurance the party and its leadership will fulfill the promises made to the citizens.

"As such, our objective should be to assist President Muizzu in fulfilling the promises made to the public," Abdulraheem said.

He further said working alongside PNC members or those affiliated with the party would not present any obstacles.

"President Muizzu monitors party proceedings very closely, and in his capacity as the President of PNC, he maintains close ties with the party's parliamentary group. Anyone can reach out to PNC's president," Abdulraheem added.

Abdulraheem highlighted that the primary reason for tension between a president and a party's members is when members find it difficult to meet the president or the cabinet.

"There several occasions where communication on important matters get interrupted because the president, or the MDs [of state-owned companies], or the ministers do not respond to calls from the members. This is why the parliament comes into loggerheads with the executive so easily," the Fonadhoo MP-elect said.

He however, said the members are confident similiar circumstances would not arise under President Muizzu's administration.

The PNC Chairperson added that the 20th parliamentary assembly will proceed smoothly, and with the primary focus on delivering the promises made to the public.

Ruling party's composition at the parliament will reach to 75 members, granting it the super-majority status. While 66 members originally from PNC secured seats, a total of eight independent candidates who won in the parliamentary elections have since joined the party as well.

Oath taking of the MP-elects is scheduled for Tuesday next week, after which a discreet voting will be held to elect the parliament's Speaker and Vice Speaker.