Environment Research Center to be established

Minister of Environment, Climate Change, and Energy Thoriq Ibrahim during the press conference held to provide information about the ministry's works in the last six months -- Photo/ Sun Online

Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Energy Thoriq Ibrahim on Thursday, revealed ongoing government efforts to establish an environmental research center in the Maldives.

The minister revealed the efforts during the press conference held on Thursday to disseminate information about the initiatives carried out by the ministry in the last six months.

Minister Thoriq said that the state is now seeking funding options to commence development of the center, and added the need for such a center.

He further noted the efforts made by both the ministry and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to commence work on the project.

"This is a vital project, and right now we do not have a center dedicated for environmental research. But some researches are carried out within the ministry and EPA at the moment," Thoriq said.

Generall, private organizations and associations conduct surveys on Maldives environment, with some researches conducted by EPA. However, such efforts are limited due to financial constraints.