Power cuts in Kulhudhuffushi resume over engine issue

Kulhudhuffushi City -- Photo/ Zuvaan Masveriya

The utility provider in Kulhudhuffushi City has once again started to cut powers owing to a recent generator malfunction.

Fenaka Corporation's Kulhudhuffushi branch on Wednesday, announced that a one-megawatt generator used to power the city, had malfunctioned, though the nature of the issue had not been specified.

The utility provider in the announcement said it would continue to disconnect power from various locations for a one-hour duration, to adjust for available generator capacity.

Fenaka Corporation has also issued a follow-up announcement on Thursday, with a schedule of the timings and locations for the power cuts. The utility provider also recommends Kulhudhuffushi City public to economize electricity use.

As per schedule, power will be disconnected from various locations from 12:00hrs until 20:00hrs of the city.

Fenaka also added it was attempting to resolve the issue now.

"We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause to the consumers," Fenaka said in its announcement.

The northern-most city has experienced power cuts on a regular basis since Ramadan, a situation that continued to amplify with growing public woes and a delay in a permanent solution.

More recently, State Electric Company (STELCO), the other electricity provider in the Maldives, dispatched on its technical teams to assist Fenaka in sorting the power cut issue of Kulhudhuffushi.