President urges to set aside differences and elect candidate with the party’s ticket

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu speaks at PPM-PNC event in Vilimale' on April 3, 2024. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Maavee)

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, on Wednesday night, has urged general members of ruling People’s National Congress (PNC) to set aside the differences in opinion they have and collaboratively work to elect the candidate who has won the party’s ticket.

Speaking at a campaign event in Vilimale’ constituency on Wednesday night, President Muizzu described the moment as the time to set aside differences in opinion and prioritize the best outcome for the nation and the society.

His remarks come amid rumors that the President supports two “government candidates” that are contesting for the Vilimale’ constituency.

However, at Wednesday’s night event, President Muizzu affirmed that his support is aligned with PNC’s candidate who has one the party’s ticket.

“Everyone needs to become one now and let go of the past,” the President remarked, stressing that collaborative work among all residents is the easiest path to secure Vilimale’ seat.

He further stressed that it is the opposition MDP that stands to win the seat for an additional five years if the difference of opinion is not resolved – which he stated will be an obstruction to development.

The President also urged to ensure the seat is not given away for just the namesake.

Speaking further, President Muizzu urged to resolve the differences of opinion across Naifaru constituency; a seat that the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), PNC’s coalition partner, had secured in the past two elections.

In this trajectory, he emphasized the imminent threat of losing this seat due to these differences.

He reiterated his remarks that majority in the parliament is required to fulfill his pledges, adding the parliament plays a crucial role in all aspects of the development of the nation.

Henceforth, he underscored the importance of election candidates representing the government in the election.

“I want to produce results. The pledge I had made to the people is to produce results,” he said, adding he did not wish to waste time without producing results.