Zakat House provided MVR 700,000 in aid in Feb

Islamic Minister Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed chairs a meeting of the Zakat Council on March 14, 2024. (Photo/Zakat House)

Records show the Maldives Zakat House provided over MVR 700,000 in aid last month.

According to the February 2024 report released by the institution on Tuesday, it spent MVR 740,805.79 on providing aid to 69 people who are poor and destitute to access medical care.

This includes:

  • MVR 245,948.50 on cancer treatment
  • MVR 16,962 on treatment for heart disease
  • MVR 76,329 on transplants
  • MVR 16,962 on brain surgery
  • MVR 473,746 on other expenses

The other expenses in include MVR 374,950.28 on conducting religious programs, MVR 192,432.81 on renumerating administrative staff, and an additional MVR 93,761.61 on various functions and seminars.

The Zakat House also released MVR 12,750 in emergency aid.

The Zakat House, established in December 2023, is mandated to fortify the Maldivian zakat system, and do everything necessary to expand the Zakat Fund by investing in Sharia-compliant areas, thereby maximizing distributor benefits.